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MessageMessage from the CEO and President

I am proud of creating a service that would bring smile to people’s faces.

CEO今野由梨Yuri Konno

Dial Service has built a history spanning over 50 years since its launch as a venture company offering world-first telephone counseling services in 1969—an era when there were virtually no female entrepreneurs.
Dial Service has been able to survive these 50 turbulent years because it has thoroughly fulfilled its role in society by always offering services adapted to the people in each era.

The first ever telephone counseling service was Baby Care Hotline, which was launched with the singular desire to help mothers and children due to great concern for the numerous cases of postpartum depression among nuclear families at the time the company was established. Since then, Dial Service has provided service after service in response to the needs of society.

Dial Service has been listening to those who are lost and suffering due to social changes in each era while helping them to smile and to take on a positive attitude.

Today, more than 350,000 counseling sessions are provided each year through the Dial Service hotline. Being trusted by many people, companies and local governments brings a great sense of responsibility. At the same time, we are proud of the fact that the telephone counseling service we have created has grown to become a pillar that supports society.

Our mission is to create a better future by enabling individuals, local communities, companies and the government to face each and every problem or issue and to resolve them through the power of dialogue.

We will continue to create new services that are needed by society while treasuring the spirit that makes us ask, “May I help you?”